Equestrian Harrow Bot 

A greener and more efficient lifestyle

Indoor & Outdoor autonomous harrowing

Our team of experienced engineers is busy fine tuning a unique & patented solution which has given birth to the very first autonomous harrowing machine:

Equestrian Harrow'Bot.

Equestrian Harrow'Bot is now available for beta-orders.

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Equestrian Harrow'Bot is here ..

No compromise, full efficiency

As promised, Equestrian Harrow'Bot is making its way into your horse riding sand arenas, indoor & outdoor! 

Equestrian Harrow'Bot 
will soon enter in its production & commercialisation phase (Q1 2024). 

The very first autonomous harrowing machine has arrived and it will do a better, cleaner, and greener job than your usual methods; without any humain intervention. 

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Opened for Beta orders but filling in fast... Hurry up!

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High Quality Surface Treatment 

  • Adaptable parts for different sand arena's (geo-textile, jumping, dressage, ...) 

  • Optimal speed adaptation for best quality end results

  • Increased surface treatment for obstacles critical zones (take-off & landing)

  • Improved manoeuvrability to harrow in arena's corners, under, around and close to your obstacles. 

  • Optimal weight pressure to treat the surface while preserving it from any damage 

Multiple Settings & Programs

  • Several  AI-based real-time adjustments  on harrowing mechanism  elements

  • User-controlled settings via tactile control panel & several harrowing programs for a tailored experience 

  • Manual mode available with professional remote control

100% Autonomous

  • Smart geo-location system compatible with indoor & outdoor arena's

  • Self-generated & optimised harrowing track on the arena


100% Electric

  • Fully electric powered, only consumes the correct amount energy for the effort (>< diesel-tractors)

  • "Return-To-Home" functionality with wireless charging station


100% Safe

  • Fix (obstacles, spinklers, tree branch, ...) & mobile (animal, humans, ...) object automatic avoidance.

  • Contact(less) sensors as well as fall-back solutions to avoid any collision

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