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What is our beta program?

As for every new, technology-based disruptive product, HarrowBot will have its early life issues. And the only way to mitigate them is to have a certain amount of HarrowBots executing their work in different places, over a great period of time

To do so we have decided to open a beta-program which will take place over the course of 2023 & 2024. It will last between 6 & 12 months and is only available for clients located in Belgium.

It is for you a unique chance to get your very own HarrowBot and get rid of manual harrowing using your expensive and polluting tractor. You can also expect a clear difference in the harrowing quality of your horse riding arena and a serious cost reduction. 

To thank you for your early support, we offer exclusive commercial advantages for the acquisition of your Equestrian HarrowBot. 

High Quality Surface Treatment 

100% Electric-Powered

100% Autonomous

Join the Beta Program now, places are limited! 

 Seats for our Equestrian HarrowBot beta program are limited. First arrived, first served! 

Your advantages

Why should you invest? 

Autonomous harrowing over 6-12 months

HarrowBot will execute its work every night so you wake up everyday with a harrowed riding arena. It will not yet be able to avoid obstacles. But it will stop if there is an unexpected one arises. 

100% electric-powered

Don't worry about fuel anymore. HarrowBot will autonomously recharge to its contactless charging station after every cycle. You don't need to care about anything else than riding horse or manage your other facility's department, especially the value-generating ones. 

High end quality surface treatment

You will see a clear difference in harrowing quality, more steady & reliable than a human operator. And if you don't, your horses will feel itHarrowBot is also lighter than a traditional tractor. If you were used to flatten your riding arena every year, you can expect not to do that any longer. 

Our commitment

How do we secure your investment? 

Best conditions for early adopters

In total, you get a commercial advantage of almost 9.500€ compared to public price. Among others, you will benefit from free installation, reduced price at the end of the period and free maintenance & updates for 5 years.  

24h response time in case of issue

In case of early life issue, we commit to intervene within 24h maximum.
A hotline will be opened and depending on the nature and urgency of your issue, you can rely on the fastest possible response from our team of engineers, within a timeframe of 24h

Benefit from a serious cost reduction

On top of the commercial advantages we grant you as early adopters, you can also count on a serious cost & CO2 emissions reduction (fuel, time spared, flattening fees) up to 8.500€, depending on your very own situation. 

Beta Program Entry Conditions


You must be maximum 2-3h of driving distance from Brussels


You should agree on helping us using your story to show others how useful is our Harrow Bot

Main discipline

We'll give priority to dressage riders or show jumpers willing to take out obstacles from their riding arena every evening.

Utilisation fee

We will invoice a monthly fee for a period 6-12 months
Afterwards, you can choose to give back your HarrowBot at no cost, or keep it for a final flat fee. 

Join our beta-program & get your own HarrowBot

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